In researching the DeFi landscape for a project, I have found the following Podcasts that I have been listening too regularly now.

Modern Finance

Kevin Rose was the founder of Digg and has been investing and playing with Crypto. This one only has a couple of episodes under his belt, but Kevin has done a great job with his other podcasts however since it is not his full-time gig he sometimes goes on hiatus. Definitely has access to the right people and asks good questions.

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Fintech Insider

This podcast has already recorded over 500 episodes and talks to all the movers and shakers especially in the European FinTech space. 11:FS concentrate a lot on banking and payments but also get into crypto. I like this podcast because they regularly have the CEOs and founders of European Fintech on the cast.

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The Defiant

This is a newsletter and podcast. I find The Defiant newsletter and podcast tackling topics before they become mainstream, so it seems like a good way to stay ahead of the curve.

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This is a starter pack of podcasts and I will update this post if I come across others.

Send interesting podcasts my way by tweeting me.

When I take a screenshot I thought it might be good to be able to search the textual content in the screenshots. My favorite Mac automation app Keyboard Maestro has an OCR function which I used to monitor my screenshots on my desktop folder and then run optical character recognition on the screenshots. After the macro has the text in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) it stores the text in the file comments.

Keyboard Maestro Github Macro Repository

Made some big changes to my photos library and need my TimeMachine on Big Sur to backup faster over the network to my Drobo.

Searched and found a few tips. First one is this command to remove process throttling:

 sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0 

This still was not enough so then I also tried the renice command:

sudo renice -n -20 -p 565

To get the process id I just used activity monitor and looked for “backupd” in the Activity monitor.

Now I see the “backupd” process jumping up to as much as 50% of the CPU. Since I am on an Apple Silicon M1 I wasn’t too worried about it slowing down.

As of this writing Google Drive’s native Mac application is not supported on M1 Macs because it is a kernel extension and those don’t run intel code on the M1 architecture.

Manipulating Files in the Finder on Google Drive when Drive is no longer a folder

As I have many Hazel rules that sort files into my Google Drive files, I have been trying to find a way to sync my files from my local folder.

I found that Transmit had support for Google Drive and I could log in to my Google Drive using that App. Then I remembered that Transmit had the feature to turn a cloud service into a local drive, however after further reading I found this no longer worked as they don’t support the Transmit Disk feature anymore.

After migrating from my Intel MacBook Pro to my M1, I tried to do some sleuthing to find where the Google Drive data was stored to see if the files were readable locally.

I found the files stored in:

~/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS

Unfortunately, the files were not stored as a human-readable folder structure and instead seemed to be in another database format:

Google Drive storage in the Library folder
Google Drive storage in the Library folder

Syncing from Google Drive to a Local Folder

This seemed to indicate my only option was to use Transmit to sync the Google Drive files back down to my local drive to recreate the local copy of the files. One of the drawbacks of using Transmit Sync is the inability to sync the Google Docs documents like sheets.

Syncing problems down to the Local Folder

After doing the sync down to the local folder did not sync everything. I found quite a few errors of syncing down event XLS files and with the Transmit report, it was hard to figure out why.

/SZP GM/Accounting/Payroll Report/SZ Party Payroll Report - 201807.xls - Could not download “SZ Party Payroll Report - 201807.xls”.
/SZP GM/Accounting/Canceled Platinum Business MasterCard 2017-2019/hsbc-6.pdf - Could not download “hsbc-6.pdf”.

Updating my Hazel Rules

Hazel lets you change the folder with the “Relocate Folder…” option…

Hazel change of folder destination
Hazel change of folder destination

WARNING This change all my rules to use the new folder and then started to move all my pdfs that were stuck in my downloads folder since my migration to my M1 Mac.

Uploading to Google Drive using Transmit

Now that Hazel had copied my PDFs I thought the next step was going to be to upload them to transmit. Just to be careful I used the “Simulate” command in Transmit to make sure that the upload was going to work? I got some confusing results as shown in this screenshot.

Upload sync unexpected results
Upload sync unexpected results

The files that Transmit considered to be changed were not just the PDFs that hazel filed. This si where I got gun shy to complete the upload and have published this blog post to send to Panic to see if they have any advice. Will update it after.

Automating sync

If I can get the
Panic has a video about how to set up a regular sync using automator.

Other Options

I saw a link to the program Insync which claims to be able to replace Google Drive file stream but I have not tried it.


Pasta from Casa Pasta by Ermanno Lelli in Sheungwan just open and hidden up the stairs until December 31st, 2020 all kinds of pasta are 50HKD due to soft opening.

List of Pastas for 50HKD
Italian sections of pasta with the American Macaroni and Cheese thrown in.

Grab your take away pasta and eat outdoors in the nearby park or cool stairs in this part of Sheungwan.

Gnocchi with cheese and tomato sauce.
Tried the Gnocchi as that is my go to pasta. It had the right amount tomato sauce and cheese.

Grandma’s Macaroni and Cheese
Carbonara is the one they recommended the most.
Desserts imported from Italy also available

Casa Pasta by Ermanno Lelli, HK branch
shop D, ground floor, 2-8 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan
6821 0095