I just logged into my mailchimp account after a long time and found that they added a handy new way to reduce your costs. There are a few mailing lists now called “Audiences” that I don’t really use anymore for my business but I didn’t want to get rid of the emails yet. Of course I could export them and delete them but then I would have to remember where I put the emails later if I ever found a reason to reactive them.

Turns out Mailchimp is still doing the best for its customers by interoducing an archive feature. If you go to the audince part of mailchimp and then view contacts. Look at the drop down menu “Manage contacts” and you will find the last menu says “Archive Contacts”. The next screen makes it a little bit ominous that you might be deleting the contacts but you won’t be. You can get them back later and I checked the help documentation on mailchimp and they don’t count towards your bill.

I just saved 150USD a month on my subscription!