In my corporate job, my company uses a video conferencing system called BlueJeans. In addition we use Office365. Put these two together in a corporate environment with offices around the globe we end up with a lot of “alignment” meetings. Rather than have to communicate with everyone how to dial-in, I just installed the BlueJeans Office 365 plugin. Every meeting invite I send I can just click the Bluejeans button before sending it and the plug-in fills in all the meeting details with a link to my Bluejeans ID and including phone numbers so people who don’t have Bluejeans can dial-in on their phone. When you standardize the way you put Bluejean’s links in your calendar invites convenient things happen. Connect your Office 365 calendar to the BlueJeans App and the app will show you a list of meetings with the dial-in information picked up from the meeting invite. All the hassle of connecting to a meeting is removed.