Thanks to Nathan Hammond you can monitor COVID-19 Vaccine locations open up in Hong Kong. He released a monitoring tool as a GitHub gist. I set it up on my Mac. Had to use

brew install watch

To install the watch command line tool. I also customized the to point to the correct path of the cvc.js file. Then I got the list of vaccine centers in json and customized the to include the ids of my nearest vaccine centers.

Finally I also customized the cvc.js file to filter by a later date. For me it is 2021-04-01 because I was trying to find a jab sooner.

Thanks Nathan for releasing the script.

Amazingly the Internet Archive has archived some of my HyperCard Stacks that I made when I was in high school. What is even cooler is if you click on the links below, you can run the Hypercard stacks in your web browser. So cool to bring some memories back. Thank you Bill Atkinson for making the precursor to the web and inspiring me to program.

Command Key Enhancer 1.0

Screen Shot of Hypercard stack

StackSmith 1.0

Simple Sample Font Printer 2.0

Simple Style Creator 1.0

So cool to see my work from 1992 I thought it was lost forever. Don’t forget to donate to the Internet Archive.

Yesterday I gave a presentation at the online PyCon conference. This is an online conference for Python programmers. I am working on migrating content to WordPress.

Topics covered:

  • Useful Python Libraries for performing these tasks
  • Retrieving posts information from the old CMS with REST API
  • Writing Post data to a CSV
  • Setting up Python Google Sheets Access
  • Matching data in Google Sheets and Updating Google Sheets
  • Creating posts in WordPress with the Application Password Plugin
  • Searching WordPress posts by slug

Watch the video of the talk:

Video presentation of content migration tips with Python

PyCon Presentation Page and Slides Download

I tried to create a Git repository in a new git hub organization. It was a private repository and when I tried to clone the repository to my local I got the error “remote: Repository not found.”

This happened in both the Git Tower client along with the command line client.

Trying to Google the error found a GitHub faq and an article. These seemed to be some of the reasons:

  • You did not authenticate
  • Your password has changed
  • You are not a collaborator
  • Incorrect case or a word misspelled
  • The git repository has been deleted

Jeff Geerling seemed to have a similar problem but his solution didn’t apply to me. There was also of course a question on StackOverflow.

Since I was copying and pasting the clone link from Github, the repository must be named correctly. I had not previously cloned this repository however I had linked it to Netlifly.

I created the repository and the team so I definitely was a collaborator but I added myself anyway again under managed access.

I have no problem logging into Github with 2FA and cloning repositories from my personal GitHub account so this was not the problem.

So the only one of the possibilities above seemed to be an authentication error. Based on the GitHub FAQ article I setup and verified my SSH keys.

The responses on StackOverflow suggested to remove my entries in my Mac Keychain related to GitHub and so I did. I even deleted my account from Tower and I deleted my Personal Access Token from Github.

After trying all the authentication suggestions in the stackoverflow article I am still stuck if you have an idea please tweet me.