Thanks to Nathan Hammond you can monitor COVID-19 Vaccine locations open up in Hong Kong. He released a monitoring tool as a GitHub gist. I set it up on my Mac. Had to use

brew install watch

To install the watch command line tool. I also customized the to point to the correct path of the cvc.js file. Then I got the list of vaccine centers in json and customized the to include the ids of my nearest vaccine centers.

Finally I also customized the cvc.js file to filter by a later date. For me it is 2021-04-01 because I was trying to find a jab sooner.

Thanks Nathan for releasing the script.

I started accumulating Substack newsletters in my email box, some going unread.

Just moved all my newsletter subscriptions to RSS Subscriptions in NetNewsWire.

It turns out that each Substack newsletter has a feed url:
If your Substack has a custom domain your feed URL would be:
FAQ on Substack
Original Twitter Thread

In researching the DeFi landscape for a project, I have found the following Podcasts that I have been listening too regularly now.

Modern Finance

Kevin Rose was the founder of Digg and has been investing and playing with Crypto. This one only has a couple of episodes under his belt, but Kevin has done a great job with his other podcasts however since it is not his full-time gig he sometimes goes on hiatus. Definitely has access to the right people and asks good questions.

Listen to Modern Finance

Fintech Insider

This podcast has already recorded over 500 episodes and talks to all the movers and shakers especially in the European FinTech space. 11:FS concentrate a lot on banking and payments but also get into crypto. I like this podcast because they regularly have the CEOs and founders of European Fintech on the cast.

Listen to Fintech Insider

The Defiant

This is a newsletter and podcast. I find The Defiant newsletter and podcast tackling topics before they become mainstream, so it seems like a good way to stay ahead of the curve.

Listen to The Defiant


This is a starter pack of podcasts and I will update this post if I come across others.

Send interesting podcasts my way by tweeting me.

When I take a screenshot I thought it might be good to be able to search the textual content in the screenshots. My favorite Mac automation app Keyboard Maestro has an OCR function which I used to monitor my screenshots on my desktop folder and then run optical character recognition on the screenshots. After the macro has the text in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) it stores the text in the file comments.

Keyboard Maestro Github Macro Repository

Made some big changes to my photos library and need my TimeMachine on Big Sur to backup faster over the network to my Drobo.

Searched and found a few tips. First one is this command to remove process throttling:

 sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0 

This still was not enough so then I also tried the renice command:

sudo renice -n -20 -p 565

To get the process id I just used activity monitor and looked for “backupd” in the Activity monitor.

Now I see the “backupd” process jumping up to as much as 50% of the CPU. Since I am on an Apple Silicon M1 I wasn’t too worried about it slowing down.