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Moderated by Richard Lai from Engadget, the panel brings together a tapestry of expertise and insights. Engage with Brent Deverman, founder of, and Janelleh Tang, a Digital Project Consultant at Rosewood Hotel Group, as they share their rich experiences and perspectives on AI’s evolving realms.

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Join us in this exploratory journey, navigating the promising and complex horizons of Artificial Intelligence!

Is AI a Frankenstin’s Monster, Terminator or Savior?
Is AI a Frankenstin’s Monster, Terminator or Savior?

My girlfriend and I planned an Easter vacation trip excursion from Singapore to the Island of Bintan in Indonesia. We decided to try this as there is a ferry costing 113USD in Emerald business class that takes 1 hour, so we figured it would be cheaper than flying to Chiangmai.

Our Hotel Stay

Nirwana resort has beautiful gardens
Nirwana resort has beautiful gardens

Arriving at the Nirwana hotel, we were greeted by a fake Ralph Lauren Polo store, which was indicative of the level of the resort. (The real Ralph Lauren is not allowed in Indonesia because the local copy has the trademark.)

It was clear that the resort has suffered from the pandemic and probably the lack of Chinese clientele as the “Hot Pot” restaurant opened in the height of the Chinese tourism boom of 2017 was closed with other facilities deserted as well, such as the “local” pub and bowling alley.

Internet Access

Hotel participates in an Internet “scam”.
Hotel participates in an Internet “scam”.

The reason I, personally, won’t stay at this hotel again is because of the restrictive and customer unfriendly internet policy. Upon check-in, you are given Wi-Fi access, which only covers one device.

Fortunately, I brought along a travel router and was able to get around the one device restriction.

However, the hotel does not only restrict the number of devices, they restrict the internet speed. The top tier was around 3MB/s at 13USD a day!

On principle, we didn’t pay for the upgrade, however this made finding things outside the hotel to do by searching the internet a slow task.

The Food

Overall, we found the food quality sorrowfully lacking at the resort, especially when you consider the price. An additional annoying thing was at each restaurant they would not give us a copy of the receipt after we charged it to our room. We had to take a photo of each bill to ensure we could confirm if there were any “mistakes” at checkout.

As the resort is broken up into multiple places to stay, the restaurants are spread around each one, and you have to take a free bus to get to each one that goes every half hour.

Breakfast was included in our stay, but was mediocre. The coffee machines would often break down, and we would have to wait for them to be fixed. The capacity of these machines was not enough to keep up with the large number of people at breakfast.

Even though it was Easter weekend, there was nothing exceptional on Easter Sunday at the breakfast.

Steamed fish Nyonya style
Steamed fish Nyonya style

In the evening, we first tried the The Kelong Seafood Restaurant which is on a pier in the sea, so it gets points for a special location and view with a “floating bar” called Calypso bar that is a key location to watch the sunset on the island. The food was fine, and the fish was fresh. The view was great, but the food didn’t give me any wow factor, and the total meal and drinks cost two people 104USD.

Kelong Seafood restaurant and Calypso bar are part of the resort but rest floating on the water.
Kelong Seafood restaurant and Calypso bar are part of the resort but rest floating on the water.
Fried Indian cauliflower and Gadogado
Fried Indian cauliflower and Gadogado

Trying to find other places to eat, there was what was supposed to be an Indonesian restaurant called “Spice” however when we went there, we were presented with an extensive vegetarian Indian menu. Still, we were able to find some Indonesian food; however, my girlfriend complained about how the chicken dish was dry a and I found the beef satay to not “melt in my mouth”. This was not 60USD well spent.

Wish I could return this salad 🥗
Wish I could return this salad 🥗

In-between our out-of-hotel excursions, we wanted to have lunch and chose the Nirwana’s Dino restaurant. It was surprisingly busy at 2pm and after waiting quite a while, we both came out disappointed with our Caesar salad and burger for 53USD!


Some activities we tried are snorkeling and bike riding. Many of the activities promoted seemed to have a “cheese” flavor to them, such as paintball. Maybe they are better for families. The one horse available for the horse riding activity made my girlfriend sorrowful after she saw how it was stuck outside tied up waiting for a customer.

Bike Rental

While the Nirwana Resort Hotel is on an extensive property called Nirwana Gardens, it is not a big enough property to keep you entertained while riding bikes for a full hour. We returned our bikes with almost twenty minutes left on our clock, as we had already gotten bored. Bike rental was around 17USD for two people with the duration of 1 hour.

Trying to pass the time by biking the whole resort.
Trying to pass the time by biking the whole resort.


One of the more positive experiences was taking the boat snorkeling. However, even for this, we had to wait an extra ten minutes for a late arrival couple. Once on the water, it was beautiful to see the shore of the island. Arriving at the snorkeling spot, the boat had to find a spot we could go in that didn’t have much oil floating on the water. Once we dove in, the clown fish were plentiful and there was much to see, even with many of the coral dying due to climate change.

The Beach

Nirwana resort beach on a good day. Q
Nirwana resort beach on a good day. Q

One of the treasures of the resort is the beach. The resort actually has two beach sections. One is out in front of the main hotel and the other is where the beach club is and is the gateway to all the water sports activities.

The beach in front of the hotel has sand that is fine and soft, and on nice days the water is clear and blue. We were able to relax, read and listen to the waves with the occasional swim.

Second “activity” beach 🏖️
Second “activity” beach 🏖️

Late Checkout

As our ferry back to the island was not until late in the afternoon, we asked for a late checkout and were told it would be an additional 40USD. Instead, we decided to check out at 12pm and go into town.

Outside the Hotel

As we were trying to find better food options than what was in the hotel, we spent a lot of time using the slow internet to search for restaurant options that would satisfy our Indonesian food craving. Unfortunately, the hotel is a ways away from the main city in Bintan.

Banyan Tree

Practically, next door was the Bayan Tree Bintan resort, and we wanted to escape there for better quality food, however, during the Easter weekend we were told the restaurants were fully booked.


There is no Grab taxi on the island and at the Nirwana Resort they were charging around 20USD to go even short distances on the island, however , we did find there are also electric taxis which are half the price.

Half the size for half the price.
Half the size for half the price.

Day Spa

One of the main things we wanted to try was massage. Luckily, a friend recommended a massage place that was near the hotel, and they picked us up and dropped us off. To get around the expensive taxi from the hotel, we also asked the spa to take us to the Warung Yeah! restaurant for dinner, and then paid about 10USD extra to pick us up later and take us back to our resort.

At first, the spa was asking to pay partially in cash and credit card. We just said flat-out “No” and then we were able to charge the massage to our Visa. In total, we went to this spa twice on our trip as the massage experience was superb and acceptable price for 90 minutes totaling 96USD for 2 people. The name of the Spa is D’Bintan Salon Day Spa.

Warung Yeah!

Wurang Yeah! From afar.
Wurang Yeah! From afar.

On TripAdvisor, we saw that one of the higher-rated restaurants was Warung Yeah!. Upon arrival, we found it was a very casual Indonesian dining restaurant located on a public Lagoi Bay beach. We ordered multiple Indonesian dishes for more than half the price of a meal in the Nirwana Resort. In the two times we ate there, (yes, it was that good) we spent less than 20USD.

Lagoi Bay is a spot for sunsets
Lagoi Bay is a spot for sunsets

The beach that this restaurant is located at is also a perfect place to watch the sunset. There used to be a shopping mall and other attractions around this area, but they seem to be closed down.

Mangrove Boat Tour

The mangrove tour is good way to pass a couple hours.
The mangrove tour is good way to pass a couple hours.

Though we wanted to kayak the mangroves, we couldn’t find an appropriate last-minute option, so instead we took a Mangrove boat tour booked through TripAdvisor for around 60USD for two people. This was well executed as they picked us up at our hotel and brought us to the cute jetty where we boarded a small speed boat to travel up the brackish water. The boat consisted of a captain and guide to explain what we were looking at, and it was a great experience to be out on the water again and in narrow mangrove waterways. Most of the wildlife we saw was snakes, but the captain was excellent and spotting them and pointing them out, including a python.

Pythons resting in the trees
Pythons resting in the trees


Overall, my impression of Bintan is that it is really focused on extracting money out of Singaporeans coming for the weekend and not providing enough value to the customer. If you are going to come here for the weekend, you would need to stay at one of the very high-end resorts that has good food and plan to stay in that resort except for maybe a spa excursion.

If you have had a better time in Bintan, feel free to tweet bdeverman.


Visiting Kyoto is one of my top trips. You can beat the intense mix of history and food packed together is such a small area. Be sure to include a day trip to Arishiyama.

Reservations are recommended in Japan in general, even if they are hard to make for non-native speakers.

Food treasures

Eighty percent of the Japan experience with the food eaten with friends, while a 20% is visiting everything else.

Start at Ponto cho in the Evening

Ponto cho alley is the starting street for food in Kyoto. This alley is adorned with cute lanterns and full of tiny restaurants on each side. Only pedestrians can walk on this street. No cars allowed.


Izakya with Obanzai special Kyoto food Kinpira Gobo (Braised carrots and burdock root).

Kyoto Mamehachi

This restaurant just specializes in Tofu, and it is worth trying Tofu made in multiple ways.

Soba Noodles & Donuts

Honeke Owaria Soba Noodle Restaurant
The 550 year-old Soba restaurant
The 550 year-old Soba restaurant

One of the coolest noodles in Japan is Soba noodles. Kyoto has a special looking and special tasting Soba noodle restaurant. This place is 550 years old! The noodles are served in layered noodle baskets that you open and prepare your noodles one by one. Accompanied with the Soba noodles, are many additional items to mix in such as strips of egg omelets and sea weed, shrimp plus sesame seeds. Take a bit of everything and mix it with the Mentsuiyu soup and dip the noodles in. Be sure to slurp when you are eating the noodles. It is not impolite!

Thee stacks of Soba
Thee stacks of Soba
Nicotto & Mam Donut for dessert
Enter the Donut Shop
Enter the Donut Shop

Down the street is a donut shop featuring Kinako flavored donuts 🍩 (soybean powder) that make a good after meal dessert if you can fit it in your stomach. This is a strong 💪🏻 recommendation from my Japanese friend, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of donuts. Not too sweet, they contain the perfect balance of sugar.

Selection of Donuts
Selection of Donuts


Here some of my favorited places in Osaka unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to track down their names and address yet.

Recommended Restaurants


Cabbage with Cheese inside
Cabbage with Cheese inside

Tonpei Okynamiyaki

In macOS Ventura on my M2 Mac, I found an option in the “Options…” panel of battery settings called “Optimize video streaming while on battery.” What are the trade-offs of turning this on? Lower quality video when on battery? While watching Netflix, I didn’t notice a difference, especially since I wasn’t watching Netflix in full screen. After digging into the help, I found this comment:

What is the impact on the batttery when this is turned on?
What is the impact on the batttery when this is turned on?

While on battery power, play high-dynamic-range (HDR) video in standard dynamic range (SDR), which requires less energy.

More details are provided in an HDR article. The forum posts on macOS Rumors and Reddit don’t really provide any additional information. Has anyone published any benchmarks on this? If so, please tweet them to me.

Was searching for flower delivery in Singapore and found Floristique. I liked that they had a “Wholesale” section on the website where I could pick the individual flowers; however, I’m not certain that I really got the wholesale price after checkout, 3 hydrangeas were 36SGD plus tax. There was no delivery fee, and they could deliver in the afternoon when I ordered in the morning. This is slightly lower than in Hong Kong where I would pay around 75-80HKD per stem of hydrangea. That did not include any delivery fee. Note that due to the wholesale interface, I accidentally ordered 6 stalks when I should have clicked on the 3rd stalk.

Selecting all 3 in this photo gives you six stalks when you could select the last one to get just 3 stalks which is usually enough to wow your significant other.
Selecting all 3 in this photo gives you six stalks when you could select the last one to get just 3 stalks which is usually enough to wow your significant other.

Other flower delivery services I considered was Little Flower Hut. Their flower arrangements were not to my liking; however, they do offer one-hour delivery.

If you have any other more reasonable flower delivery services, please tweet me.

In the past I have used the migration assistant tool to copy my files from Mac to Mac whenever I would get a new one. After almost 20 years of doing this I wanted to setup my new screaming M2 from scratch.

Automating App Installs

There are a couple command line tools that help this and I have created a bash script in github to run on the computer. Be sure to customize for your own situation.

Once this script is run on the Mac half the work will be done. The next steps below are for setting up the data.

The script and explanations below should only install M1/M2 compatible apps. Nothing on Intel.

1Password Data Setup

  1. Setup 1Password coud Sync
  2. Enable Local vaults
  3. Setup iCloud vault sync


  1. Copy keychain file from original Mac


  1. Enable Sandbox Access


  1. Login to gmail account
  2. Don’t allow notifications


  1. Register License from 1password file
  2. Give Full disk access
  3. Add back Hazel folders, sync rules with each folder and enable rules on other computers.
  4. Activate Hazel Notifications
  5. Enable App Sweep and Delete files from trash after 1 week
  6. Turn off Notifications for Files events and trash events


  1. Register Bartender
  2. Setup bartender to hid everything but Fantastical and DayOne.

Dash App

In Dash preferences choose the Sync folder on iCloud Drive/Dash and everything is setup.


  1. Launch and setup
  2. Copy data from old computer


Log into Freedom and make sure it is setup name device.


  1. Need to create new app password for iCloud calendar.
  2. Add accounts iCloud, Google,
  3. Set default calendar and default reminder list


  1. Install Omnifocus Beta from TestFlight
  2. Copy over Omnifocus Archive to new computer
  3. Check that ctr-option-space is global shortcut


  1. Copy chat backup to new computer.

Install What’s App Beta

  1. Download M1 WhatsApp beta.


  1. Sign into Slack Channels.


  1. Setup backup


  1. Enable Extensions in Safari

Time Machine

  1. Setup backup to Synology
  2. Setup backup to external drives


  1. Sign In to sync


  1. Login


  1. Launch and accept dialog boxes.

Visual Studio Code

  1. Enable Syncing using GitHub account


  1. Setup for Highest recording
  2. Create source for Elgato
  3. Create Source for Insta360 Link
  4. Create Source for Screen Recording

Apple Music

  1. Check Download Dolby Atmos
  1. Deauthorize previous computer or you might reach the limit
  2. Check older authorizations to free up


  1. Set finder settings to open to home directory and show external disks

Home Folder

Copy over select Home folder contents

System Settings

Trackpad speed

Increase trackpad to max speed.

Configure Shortcuts

Disable unused sharing utilities and shortcuts


  1. Enable Dictation


  1. Enable Show Input Menu in Menu Bar


Disable/enable extensions


The storage control panel lets you delete the GarageBand music creation libraries.


Configure notifications including:

  1. Turn off notifications from calendar because I use fantastical
  2. Turn off notifications for mail
  3. Turn off sound notifications WhatsApp

Unlock with Apple Watch

  • Turn on Unlock with Apple Watch

Brave Browser

  • Setup Syncing
  • Verify Brave Rewards


  • Sign into Clay with Apple ID


Set .gitconfig file to contain your commit information.

`git config --global "[email protected]"`
`git config --global "My Name"`

– Create new GIT ssh key and associate it with account

Generate SSH Key

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "[email protected]"

Setup ssh to reference Keychain.

touch ~/.ssh/config
open ~/.ssh/config

Add the following to the above file:

  AddKeysToAgent yes
  UseKeychain yes
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ed25519

Add SSH Key to Keychain

eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"
ssh-add --apple-use-keychain ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
gh auth login
gh auth refresh -h -s admin:public_key
gh ssh-key add ~/.ssh/

Reference Articles