In researching the DeFi landscape for a project, I have found the following Podcasts that I have been listening too regularly now.

Modern Finance

Kevin Rose was the founder of Digg and has been investing and playing with Crypto. This one only has a couple of episodes under his belt, but Kevin has done a great job with his other podcasts however since it is not his full-time gig he sometimes goes on hiatus. Definitely has access to the right people and asks good questions.

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Fintech Insider

This podcast has already recorded over 500 episodes and talks to all the movers and shakers especially in the European FinTech space. 11:FS concentrate a lot on banking and payments but also get into crypto. I like this podcast because they regularly have the CEOs and founders of European Fintech on the cast.

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The Defiant

This is a newsletter and podcast. I find The Defiant newsletter and podcast tackling topics before they become mainstream, so it seems like a good way to stay ahead of the curve.

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This is a starter pack of podcasts and I will update this post if I come across others.

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